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Abizo is your complete digital platform that brings unprecedented insight to your operations like never before. Get all your requirements in one place.


Abizo promises to deliver at least one of these three results:

Reduce Cost

Expand Market

Enhance Revenue


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Constant engagement with your whole organization


An unmatched feature to engage your community. The Engage allows management to transform many current business processes to engage directly with the community thru the ubiquitous mobile phone. The Engage generates the most revenue enhancement contribution.

Directly report to your supervisors

Instant Reporting Service

Rapidly ingest valuable operational data into your decision-making sandbox like never before.The IReS brings numerous real time data with different factors of authentication practically assuring the integrity of the data being received.The IReS generates the most contribution in operation expenses reduction.

Help in a single press

Personnel Assistance Service

A most convenient way of providing assistance to your community in a single press. The PeAS elevates customer satisfaction to a new height. The PeAS contributes most to expanding your services and your market.

Be on top of the situation

Activity Insight Manager

Makes critical executive decision making faster by providing you with actionable insights directly drawn from data of your field operations. The AIM gives you the data driven confidence that makes decision making easier in operating your business in a fast-accelerating environment.

Abizo building blocks

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